Niamh McGuinness

Niamh McGuinness

Hi everyone! My name is Niamh and I’m a Ph.D candidate here in Trinity College. My research concerns the roles of microglia (which are the immune or defence cells of the central nervous system) and natural killer cells (immune cells in the periphery, i.e. everywhere else) in multiple sclerosis or MS. My ultimate aim is to further understand the roles of these cells in the progression of MS and thus achieve a greater understanding of this devastating illness.

I’m also the coordinator of a neuroscience course here in Trinity entitled “Neuroscience – the 21st Century Brain”.

The course is aimed at people with an interest in the area that may not have a scientific background. It’s been quite popular and I really love having a chance to spread the word about how fascinating a subject it is.

When I’m not in the lab, my other love is music; I spend most of my free time immersed  it in some way. Live music is a passion, as is playing my guitar and ukulele (badly). I also read a lot, which sometimes gets between me and my sleep. I’m obsessed with dogs (pugs especially) and have recently discovered a love for ice hockey (not playing it, I’m terrified of ice-skates).

 My Researcher Video: Investigating the Role of Endo-cannabinoids in Alzheimers Disease