Rachel Bermingham

Rachel BerminghamI graduated from Trinity with a degree in Microbiology. After this I completed a masters in Immunology and Global Health and traveled to Kenya to carry out my research project on malaria. This is where I first saw how important science research is and also how research cannot stand alone but must be incorporated into everyday life to truly make a difference.  My PhD is in the department of clinical medicine as part of the Molecular Medicine Ireland Clinical and Translation Research Scholars Programme (CTRSP).

The broad aim of my project is to explore the role of the transcription factor Rorα in the immune system.  Interestingly Rorα has a role in circadian rhythm so at the moment my project focus is exploring how Rorα contributes to circadian rhythm in immune cells. It is becoming increasingly evident that cells can act and respond differently depending on the time of day, much like peoples moods!

When not in the lab I love going to the cinema, not only because I’m interested in films but also because I get to eat loads of chocolate and popcorn! I also like playing tag rugby and going to the gym (to work off all that chocolate)!