Undergraduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Innovation Academy offers an Undergraduate Certificate which is open to 2nd & 3rd-year undergraduates in Trinity College Dublin from every disciplineThe UG Cert is taught in a flexible way through online delivery (70%) and classroom-based teaching (30%) and can be taken over 1 or 2 years.

Module 1: Creative Thinking (IA7001 / 5 ECTS

What will I learn?

The programme will enable you to be innovative in your approach to problem-solving and to develop the following skills, which are essential to tackling global societal problems:

Communication skills: articulate ideas in a coherent and convincing way
Teamwork: Work effectively with others in a multi-disciplinary setting
Leadership: Acquire negotiation skills, learn how to lead as well as follow and work to tight deadlines
Adaptability: Learn how to be flexible in your thinking and reactions to adversity and unexpected challenges
Integrity & Work Ethic: Maintain an awareness of global issues and how innovative solutions are critical to a sustainable future

How will I learn?

Modules are structured to encourage action learning through workshops, discussions, team challenges and presentations. You will be introduced to tools and techniques for creative problem-solving, including design thinking.  You’ll learn to take calculated risks and learn from failure.  Throughout the programme, you’ll be encouraged to identify opportunities in your own discipline and learn how to translate your ideas into social, commercial and cultural value.

REGISTER HERE: Programme begins in January 2018

Module 2: Entrepreneurial Action (IA7002 / 5 ECTS

What will I learn?

An entrepreneurial mindset is essential for identifying and pursuing opportunities, whether social, cultural or commercial. This module will provide you with the experience of building and managing a project from idea to implementation.  You will scope out, test, market and manage your ideas in action and learn by doing.

Identify Opportunity: Understand how to recognise and generate opportunities
Evaluate Ideas: Discuss, challenge and test ideas for implementation
Understand the Market: Research the context and value of your ideas in the marketplace
Formulate a Business Plan: Formulate a plan of action using the Lean Business Canvas
Measure Impact: Understand customer relationships, define and identify success

How will I learn?

You’ll work in teams in a blended environment, with significant online components to allow flexible, asynchronous learning, supported by in-person workshops. Using the lean business model canvas, you’ll test ideas and prototype solutions and get real results.  The Innovation Academy teaching style is inclusive, innovative and applied.  We encourage applications from every discipline.

REGISTER HERE: Programme begins in January 2018

Innovation in its broadest sense

At the Innovation Academy, innovation is taken in its broadest sense, encompassing the creative arts, social entrepreneurship, engineering, technology and business.

Our programmes are delivered by academic staff drawn from diverse disciplines, who are active in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. There is an emphasis on workshops and problem-based learning within multidisciplinary teams.

Undergraduate Certificate Learning Outcomes & Module Descriptors

UG Cert Learning Outcomes

UG Cert Module Descriptors & Assessment Methods

UG Cert Timetable 2018