David’s career has always involved building relationships with big philanthropic donors. From Ireland to Australia, he has worked across business development, fundraising, and events management roles for NGOs. While working at Suas Educational Development he discovered how transformational a high-quality education can be. This made him realise the importance of institutions like the Innovation Academy. He admired our work ensuring education keeps pace with the world’s wider social changes, so joined the team.

It’s the transformative effect that brings David to work with a spring in his step every day. He is eager to use his expertise in marketing, student recruitment, and funding to help more students embark on their own experiential learning journeys.

Cooking or eating food, watching or playing sports, travelling abroad or exploring what’s under his nose. As long as it involves his family and friends, David’s happy. His spirit of adventure has taken him to Kolkata as a charity volunteer and to Valencia, where he ran a marathon in under four hours!

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“The learner-centric, experiential approach to education is what attracted me to the Academy. This is how education should be.”