I am an enthusiastic and resilient leader with experience in strategic, promotional, and operational management. I engage in continuous professional development to strengthen my competencies. I have developed problem-solving and solution-focused skills to communicate effectively and openly and listen to others’ viewpoints.

I have extensive experience interfacing with students, academics, and external stakeholders, and my background is in Marketing and Journalism.

I currently work as a Programme Manager at UCD Innovation Academy. I make sure that all courses align with governance and assessment guidelines, and I liaise with various stakeholders to work through challenges and arrive at mutually beneficial solutions.

I am from Sicily and have lived in various European capitals before moving to Ireland. I enjoy the vibrancy and growth opportunities that Dublin offers. I am interested in nutrition and public health, love writing, and practice yoga and mindfulness.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

I enjoy working with students and am proud to work in such a great place like University College Dublin. I joined the Innovation Academy because I want to be part of its dynamic and creative environment and contribute to the IA vision of enabling every student to unlock their true potential.