Like many others when the pandemic began, Jake had no option but to stop and think where life was taking him. He realised his job, managing a team of cloud engineers at Amazon, wasn’t satisfying his hunger for learning.

Jake began consulting with secondary-level educators on educational technology. Here he put the expertise he’d gained building web and mobile apps for the likes of NASA and the US Air Force to good use. In April 2021, he heard the call of kindred bellies at the Innovation Academy, rumbling with that same hunger for learning that had set him on his new path.

Jake loves helping the Academy to navigate our complex, digitally integrated world. He is key to our adoption of educational technology to facilitate remote learning. He’s also ensuring our graduates leave with a thorough grounding in digital transformation, so they can embrace the challenges they face in the future.

In his spare time, Jake has a need for speed that the material world alone can’t satisfy. As well as being a keen outdoor runner, he also loves racing against the clock to speedrun video games in record time.

Why I joined the Innovation Academy…

“I joined to make a real impact on students, and to help the Academy to navigate a digitally integrated world.”