Kathleen began her career as an agricultural journalist and was the first female farm broadcaster in most newsrooms. She then moved into corporate research communications, introducing biotech to communities all over the globe. Ambition drove her to start her own business and she has since consulted with many SMEs to align their business strategy to their brand story. Kathleen later joined The Context Network and consulted on some of the big challenges facing companies around the world. She has also served on various boards dedicated to supporting agriculture, education, and the arts.

Kathleen took a Masters in Agriculture Innovation and Extension, where she focused on metacognitive awareness in innovative Irish farmers. Studying at UCD led her to the Innovation Academy, and the rest is history. Convinced of the collaborative learning approach, she became part of our team of educators.

Kathleen is an expert co-learner and educator. She plays the role of a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage. She shares her 25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and management consultant with her students. Her students, in turn, inspire her to keep innovating.

Outside work, Kathleen loves spending time outdoors. Sharing wit and wisdom with friends and her family keeps her energised.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“I found the Innovation Academy as a Masters student and instantly knew I had found my people, my tribe. The Academy’s creative approach to innovation – and innovative approach to creativity – can change mindsets in a unique and profound way. I want to be a catalyst for our lifelong learners, stimulating their appetite for the curious pursuit of what can be. And give them real tools to help them achieve their goals.”