Mary believes in a world that enables constant exploration of one’s innate talent and creativity. She envisions an equitable world where exploring one’s innate ingenuity can be possible for all humans. A Chemical Engineer, she has acquired experience working in several organisations and industrial regulated environments such as the refinery, powerplant, drug agency, higher education sector, adult education sector, and NGOs.

Mary is passionate about educating the next generation. In particular, education in underrepresented regions as a means to less-privileged empowerment enhanced economic development and owning the narrative that all humans can contribute to the development of the world. She advocates for quality access to education for all humans in Africa. Her passion led her to volunteer in various noteworthy organisations in Nigeria that support new business start-ups for young aspiring entrepreneurs. She also established the continuity of an awareness program on the danger of abuse, distribution, and cultivation of illegal drugs, earning her a certificate of honour (humanitarian award) from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. 

Mary earned her master’s degree in chemical engineering from UCD in 2019, and in 2015, she acquired a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Igbinedion University Okada (IUO) with First class Honours. In 2020, her love for tech and business drove her to work for a non-profit organisation (NGO), Girls in tech, Dublin as a business data analyst, which led to her earning a certificate in Business Analytics from Harvard Business School online. To further her understanding of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial agility, analytical skills, business acumen, teamwork, and communication skills, in 2020, Mary spent some months at the University College Dublin Innovation Academy and Technological University Dublin studying for a professional diploma in Transversal skills. Mary is a Ph.D. candidate at UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess engineering.  

Outside of work, Mary spends most of her free time writing, studying, or at the art gallery or museum. She also loves capturing nature’s and humanity’s beauty through videography/photography, jump rope, hiking, or long walks, particularly during the warm climate. 

Why I joined the IA..

“The curiosity of discovering more of who I am each day galvanised my continuous journey towards exploring my innate creativity, and the academy provides the platform where creative thinking mindset, design thinking, and innovation can all be amalgamated to the thinking for sustainability, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and education. 

Taking the pilot professional diploma course in Transversal skills (modules – creative thinking for innovation, design thinking for innovation, digital marketing, digital entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship career path or design your purposeful life, and global citizenship) from UCD Innovation Academy and TUD has been one of the most worthwhile decisions of my professional career progression. Unarguably, the skills, tools, and techniques acquired translate across professions, are not confined to a specific industry, job, or company, and can be used throughout a lifetime of jobs in an overarching career.”