Rachel began her career in the hospitality industry which brought her around the world and then back to Ireland where she continued her career working with refugees and protection applicants. 

Rachel is a friend and alumna of the Innovation Academy. Following redundancy after fourteen years as an Accommodation Manager,  Rachel found herself in the bowels of the Shakleton Lounge embarking on the Graduate Certificate in Creativity Innovation & Entrepreneurship. This began Rachel’s journey and friendship with the Innovation Academy. She completed the Graduate Certificate in Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2020 and is a big believer in the Innovation Academy approach to experiential learning.

The Innovation Academy offered a safe space where all ideas were encouraged and supported, Rachel found her tribe and unexpectedly became an entrepreneur. She launched ‘Re-Jingled‘, a sustainable online upcycling company in 2020, which led her to becoming a Climate Ambassador with An Taisce in 2021. People centric and planet passionate, Rachel is a keen creative who has extended her brief to facilitate workshops to empower others in the forgotten skills of clothes repair and hosts seminars and talks through partnerships to communicate the impacts of the fashion industry on our planet.

Rachel eats sustainability for breakfast and works on her business, ‘Re-Jingled’ in her spare time. She is a keen writer and shared her covid/mature student/experiential learning journey through a series of articles for the UCD College Tribune. She loves all things Italian food, language and culture.