The UCD Innovation Academy creates learning experiences for people of all ages and life stages to help prepare participants to make the most of the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world. We do this by taking a learning through doing approach to developing an entrepreneurial mindset – creating value, engaging others and learning from trial and error. Tackling
real world problems and engaging others outside the university is an integral part of all our programmes.

We are now accepting applications for two exciting roles at our facility here in Belfield. Join our team of entrepreneurial specialists to create dynamic learning experiences for learners of all disciplines as an Entrepreneurial Specialist (Panel Appointment) or as a Facilitation Specialist (Panel Appointment).

The deadline to apply is 5pm on the 23rd of January 2019. Please note that applications must come via the UCD system. Details in the links below.

Entrepreneurial Specialist

If you have the professional experience to facilitate learning through doing without lecturing or case studies, as well as the flexibility to work with ease in a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multigenrational environment, then this role may be for you. We are recruiting a panel of up to 2 full-time or 4 part-time Entrepreneurial Specialists to join the team in 2019.

The new Entrepreneurial Specialists will be expected to apply their substantial prior professional experience and knowledge to the design and facilitation of our programmes. The successful candidates will be responsible for the evaluation and development of their courses with support from the Head of Programme Development and other team members.

Our courses are designed to be exemplars of international best practice and are regularly examined by international thought leaders (to date Professor Heidi Neck, Babson College, USA and Prof Richard Templar, Imperial College, London, UK). The extensive interactions and collaborations with external organisations, both in Ireland and overseas, require that successful candidates act as ambassadors for the Academy’s ethos.

Additionally, it is expected that the successful candidates will leverage their own well-established professional reputation and networks to enhance the courses and the learning outcomes for participants. This is a wonderful opportunity to help shape the rapid development and scaling of the UCD Innovation Academy.

For further information and to apply please see:

Facilitation Specialist

The Innovation Academy, UCD seeks to recruit a Facilitation Specialist with a specific interest in innovation in education for our ‘Creative Thinking and Innovation’, ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’, ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Career Plan’ components on the various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes delivered nationally and internationally. Innovation Academy, UCD’s mission is to provide a transformational educational experience for the betterment of society and the economy. We offer educational programmes in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, educators and industry professionals from across disciplines and sectors.

This role involves teaching and facilitating on our programmes in the various locations where the courses are offered, creating impactful learning experiences and building on existing programme design, ensuring that learning outcomes are met in line with the Innovation Academy’s learning through doing ethos. This involves liaising with local enterprise and industry representatives & stakeholders in order to secure innovative, hosted work experience projects for your students.

With support from the Head of Programme Development and fellow team members at the Innovation Academy the Facilitation Specialist will ensure learning materials, assessment deliverables and teaching content is graded and delivered at the appropriate level. This is a wonderful opportunity to help shape the rapid development of the UCD Innovation Academy.

For further information and to apply please see: