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We’re looking for like-minded people to join our team. 

The UCD Innovation Academy helps people from all walks of life to transform their mindset through experiential learning. Do you have what it takes to inspire people and help them to unlock their true potential? Can you help us to change the face of education, and transform the way we work and learn?

If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you. You could become a part of something truly pioneering that’s putting Ireland at the forefront of innovation. 

Why join UCD Innovation Academy?

  • Our people are our greatest assets, from sector experts, entrepreneurial educators, and facilitation specialists, to programme managers and business development managers. 
  • We empower our people with the technological tools they need to work effectively, and the freedom to think creatively. Together, we’re driving bold changes to the educational landscape.
  • We’re interested in your experience as well as your qualifications. We celebrate diversity of thought, irrespective of background or discipline. 
  • Our culture is adventurous. High-energy. Experimental. Courageous. And impactful. 
  • We work hard, but we embrace a playful approach to tap into our innate creativity. 
  • And we’re kind. We believe in creating a safe environment – often with an injection of humour – where people feel comfortable to be themselves.

So what are you waiting for? 

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Current Vacancies

There are no vacancies at present.


I am interested in the Creative Makers Facilitator position but will not be available to start until a later date as I am completing a course. Would a later start date be feasible?

Yes, for this particular role a later start date in the summer would be feasible. 

Where can I submit my application for a position?

All applications can be made at https://www.ucd.ie/workatucd/jobs/ 

I am unable to proceed with the application as I do not possess a third level degree in a relevant field. I do however have years of experience working in this / similar field.

Unfortunately the requirements are linked to the job grading (salary range) evaluated by HR so we wouldn’t be able to employ someone in this role unless they have a third level degree (though there can be some flexibility as to what ‘relevant field’ might include).

Are you open to international job applicants? I noticed that relocation expenses are not covered,

It may well be possible to obtain a critical skills permit for this role (we already have two critical skills permits for American citizens who are Entrepreneurial Specialists at the Innovation Academy).  We are therefore open to international applicants.

Would you mind helping me understand how the panel system works? I did read the Terms & Conditions but had a few doubts. Will my initial appointment be for 12 months or until the 31st of December, 2024?

The panel system means that we envisage making more than one appointment and it gives us a mechanism to make multiple appointments without having to re-advertise each time provided the appointments are made within 12 months of the initial advertisement.  This particular appointment is until 31st December 2024.

Part-time setups were mentioned in the document. As you can imagine, leaving my current permanent role for a temporary appointment may be a tough call. With that in mind, could one commence this role on a part-time basis?

We are only able to make full-time appointments for these roles at this stage.  I can understand that giving up a permanent position for a temporary one is a difficult decision to make but unfortunately this isn’t something which is currently within the control of the unit or even the university due to the national employment control framework.

My permanent residence is outside of Dublin. In the current circumstances and with my other contracts I am currently running workshops etc only online – previously they were onsite in cities across Europe. Any facilitation services I might provide to UCD would have to enable me to continue with my commitments to family life here. Is this something which you think might work? Or are you looking for people who can be on site every day?

The role is only remote initially.  After the pandemic the role will be in person and Dublin based.

I note the salary scale range. Is there any flexibility on this?

Unfortunately not as we don’t determine the range, it’s set by the job grading committee of the University, based on the job description.

Do you think my application/candidacy will be considered based on my current experience?

Shortlisting of applications is completed by a Board of Assessors of which I’m only one so I can’t predict the outcome.  It will also be a competitive process based on what is likely to be a high number of applications in the current climate.