The Vietnam Ireland Bilateral Education Exchange (VIBE) is our initiative to bring the creative teaching practices of the Innovation Academy to Vietnam.

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Upskilling academic staff

Through the Innovation Academy, Vietnam National University of Hanoi (VNU) has upskilled and inspired 132 of its academic staff. This is all part of the government of Vietnam’s key development priorities of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity.

The educators at VNU have discovered more entrepreneurial approaches, and we have shown them how to approach their teaching practices in more innovative and creative ways. Freshly enthused by our experiential learning practices, they will pass these on to their colleagues and students.

Enhanced educational experiences

As a result of VIBE, 25,000 students in a range of disciplines are now benefiting from the transformational educational experience we champion at UCD.

VNU has developed its strategic plan around innovation in education and many of our VIBE graduates have gone on to lead new initiatives.

A vibrant new peer-to-peer community has been created across VNU (VNU VIBErs), fostering a close connection with a network of their like-minded Irish peers.

Sustainable Development Goals

VIBE supports the work of UCD and the Government of Ireland towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, Prof. Suzi Jarvis and Dr. Colman Farrell were proud to accept medals on behalf of the Innovation Academy, in recognition of our work “for the development cause of VNU”. 

VIBE is supported by Irish Aid through the Embassy of Ireland, Vietnam, promoting the reciprocal relationship between the two countries and highlighting the value of international partnership. 

“[The programme] ignited an active movement of innovative training activities, embedded a culture of innovation and contributed to the innovative ecosystem at VNU. A vibrant community of entrepreneurial educators has been established with a close connection with a like-minded network in Ireland.”

For further information about VIBE, please contact:

Eleanor Kelly

Head of Strategy and Partnerships

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