Summer Camp 2022 Ground Rules


Ground Rules – Activities

  • UCD Innovation Academy Summer Camp runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm with some breaks and time for lunch.
  • Students must remain on UCD Campus between 9.30am and 4.30pm.
  • Participants are required to attend all class sessions in person.
  • Students are supervised directly in the classroom. Outside the classroom (including on breaks and at lunchtime), students are not supervised. Students are given UCD emergency contact information and the contact information of the camp lead / organizer to contact in case of issues.
  • Supervision is not available outside these hours.
  • The possession or consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • All students understand that they may be photographed during the UCD Innovation Summer Camp, which may be used for promotional purposes by UCD. Students who do not wish to be photographed need to indicate this to the UCD staff.
  • Students are not permitted to visit the Halls of Residence or campus bars.
  • Students must follow the directions of UCD staff including office staff, academics, technical staff and UCD Innovation Academy Camp Staff at all times.

Failure to follow the above ground rules will result in immediate expulsion without refund from the summer school.