Innovation Academy Alumni Event 2022

After two long years and many zoom calls we were delighted to give our students a chance to meet in person at our alumni celebration. With an inspiring speech from our director Prof. Suzi Jarvis, performances from our alumni and quirky group challenges, we’re sure this was a night to remember. Thank you to everyone for making the event such a success.

We asked our Alumni what their favourite Innovation Academy memory was…

We asked our Alumni what their favourite IA memory was...

“A safe space where everyone was willing to share their ideas and vision of the world”

“Becoming less fearful! Expanding my comfort zone”

“The network, people always willing to help.”

“The surprises of discovery in design thinking.”

“Absolutely everything!!”

“Dreams can come true!”

“Meeting people every Monday and Tuesday when the world was closed.”

“It was like The Apprentice – but with nice people!”

“The encouragement to open my mind and try new things.”

“Going from a traditional undergraduate into a course that embraced innovation and encouraged new ways of thinking was pretty special.”

“Take action. Give things a go!”

“Making friends through creativity”