Anh is something of a globetrotter. He was once a Business Manager at a university-based business incubator in his native Vietnam. He’s been a junior research fellow at universities in Finland and Denmark, and a development consultant in Tunisia, Laos, and Cambodia. During his Lectureship in Innovation at Vietnam National University, Anh visited the UCD Innovation Academy as part of the VIBE initiative. Anh was impressed by our culture of embracing professionalism, positivity, creativity, and inclusivity. He obtained a four-year secondment from VNU and hurried back to Ireland to begin a PhD to measure the impact of the Academy’s work in Vietnam.

Anh’s research interests are many and varied. He’s been exploring the intersection of Development and Innovation with Entrepreneurship Studies. His current focus is on Entrepreneurship Education, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Transnational Migrant Entrepreneurship, and Policy Analysis. Meanwhile, he is growing into an educator role at the Academy and now facilitates our Design Thinking module for undergrads.

When Anh takes his research hat off, a bike helmet goes on – he enjoys spending time outdoors, cycling and hiking in the countryside.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“When I got the opportunity to come to UCD as a visiting member of staff from Vietnam National University, I was really taken with the atmosphere of the Innovation Academy. I wanted to be part of this team that places so much value on creativity, energy and experimentation.”