Avadhoot has worked as a Sustainability and Circular Economy consultant for public, private and non profit sectors in India, SE Asia and Netherlands. He managed acceleration and pilot programs for startups developing circular economy solutions. He also worked on developing circularity roadmap for the electricity sector in the Netherlands. Avadhoot built ventures in sustainable design and agri tech solutions. Additionally, he co-founded a media company providing video solutions to startups.

Avadhoot’s interest in the arts has been a driving force in his career. He believes that storytelling and media can be powerful tools for driving change and promoting sustainable development.

Avadhoot holds a Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Management from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and Post-graduate diploma in FTII, India. This diverse academic background has allowed him to approach sustainability challenges from various perspectives, considering both scientific and creative aspects.

Beyond his work, Avadhoot is an avid runner and enjoys outdoor activities that boost endorphins. He’s creative at heart, with a deep-seated passion for storytelling that comes to life through his work in both fiction and non-fiction film projects.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“I joined the Innovation Academy because I’m a big believer in the power of multidisciplinary learning and connecting dots to solve complex problems like climate change. After all, there’s no better way to create a better future than by collaborating with others and thinking outside the box.”