Clodagh spent several years as a research manager with Superquinn and then worked as a Marketing Consultant. She has extensive experience in marketing and market research in various industries. Clodagh holds a number of Post Grads, and the most valuable and enjoyable are the two she completed at the Innovation Academy, which changed her life. The Graduate Certificate in Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship awoke her interest in creativity and thinking out of the box. The Post Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking for Sustainability gave her valuable new perspectives on all climate-related issues.

She loves the outdoors and enjoys walking, running, tennis, golf, and Bell Ringing. She rings at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and has rung in Bell Towers all over Ireland.

Why I joined the IA..

“to ensure that as many people as possible get the same chance that I did to explore their creative side and unlock the magic that the Innovation Academy can bring to students’ lives.”