Cormac is a Product Design and Technology graduate from the University of Limerick. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in Engineering Education with a focus on how the values of engineers are shaped during the education process. Before this, he worked as a design engineer, gaining first-hand experience in making on an industrial scale.

Cormac is happiest when he’s making things. Particularly when learning a new skill or craft. Much of his professional experience is in 3D digital design, although he has significant experience in a range of hands-on crafts, from welding and fabricating to prop making and sewing. While working in the Innovation Academy MakerSpace, he has found ample opportunities to use these skills and introduce others to the joy of creating.

His roles with the IA involve assisting with the day-to-day operations of the MakerSpace as it continues to grow and develop, facilitating in MakerSpace based classes, and providing design and fabrication consultation for external collaborators.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“The style of learning in the Innovation Academy and the sheer variety of projects being undertaken in the MakerSpace were the main things that drew me to it. The Innovation Academy encourages creativity and ideation from students. Working with them to make these ideas into real creations is an endlessly satisfying task. The collaborations we’ve been able to undertake with other departments and external partners mean that there is always an interesting project to work on in the MakerSpace.”