Giuseppe brings a wealth of leadership experience to his current role, having held executive positions at global tech companies and scale-ups. He began his career in strategic consultancy, working with high-tech and telco companies Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Percona. Previously, he co-founded a travel tech startup and served as COO of Web Summit. Additionally, 7-year tenure at Google included various sales leadership roles.

He holds a master’s degree in ICT engineering and has completed business and executive education programs at London Business School, Duke University, Columbia Business School, and IESE.

Currently, Giuseppe leads the Operations and Innovation teams, overseeing Operations, Finance, IT, HR, Program Management and Tech Integration. He is a strategic thinker and spearheads innovative projects that align with the academy’s mission to foster a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Outside of work, Giuseppe enjoys traveling, spending time with his children, and playing football. These activities provide him with a balance of adventure and quality family time.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“I believe innovation is crucial for societal progress. By nurturing creativity and championing ground-breaking ideas, I aim to contribute to building a better future, where technology and innovation will be the tools we use to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.”