This piece was originally published in Deloitte Ireland website, 22nd March 2016. 

Over 180 students from University College Dublin, currently studying two elective modules through the university’s Innovation Academy – Introduction to Creative Thinking, and Entrepreneurial Endeavour – are taking part in an Industry Immersion Challenge Day in Deloitte today.

The theme of the day is ‘Business of the Future – Leveraging Innovation and Creativity in a Smarter World’. Students will work with over 60 Deloitte professionals on different challenges focussing on how technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, in addition to creativity in the workplace, can shape and improve the way businesses work and how social innovation can be encouraged.

The Innovation Team at Deloitte is hosting this event as part of its innovation programme which drives and encourages everyone in the firm to consider methods in which the firm can develop its service offering, foster creative thinking, and collaborate across the entire firm to evolve the services it provides for the better.

Deloitte and UCD are working together on this mutually beneficial project to provide students with insight and practical experience into how innovative and creative thinking are applied in today’s workplace. In addition, the fresh perspective that the students, who come from a variety of degree backgrounds, bring to the challenges can provide Deloitte professionals with new ideas and approaches to the challenges of the professional services industry.

Shane Mohan, Innovation Lead Partner at Deloitte, commented: “Innovation and creativity are critical in driving businesses forward, and at Deloitte we are committed to driving the innovation agenda within our firm. Today’s event is a great opportunity for our people to take time away from their day- to-day tasks and dedicate some quality timeto focussing on how we can improve upon the way we work, and the services we provide.

“What’s more, an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and an innovative approach are key attributes employers look for from graduates, and we are pleased to be helping foster these amongst the UCD students taking part in this challenge. They are attributes that we look for ourselves when hiring, and so it’s important that we are supporting universities in developing these skills amongst the next generation of leaders.”