Over the past three years, Innovation Academy UCD have been working with Diona, a technology company that develops mobile applications for Governments to better serve their citizens. Diona worked with us to develop and implement our Undergraduate Programme Industry Immersion Day, giving UCD undergraduate students from across the University the opportunity to experience a workplace environment.

We are delighted to announce that Diona are once again offering a summer internship programme for Innovation Academy UCD Undergraduate students (past and present). The application process is NOW OPEN!

This paid Internship will run from Tuesday, May 31st to Friday, July 22nd inclusive. Two Innovation Academy students will be selected this year, and this Internship will run in partnership with NotreDame University. The Internship is open to all students of Innovation Academy UCD, all majors, all years.

Last year, Innovation Academy UCD student Louise Scully was selected for the internship after a competitive interview and selection process. Louise has since gone on to work at Diona as their Product Marketing Manager.

Diona is a Dublin-based company that creates solutions to transform mobile phones and tablets into tools for transforming how health and humans services are delivered. Diona helps governments help people through delivering greater efficiency, happier clients, more productive social workers, and better outcomes. Born out of unmatched experience and passion for bringing technology solutions to Health & Human Services around the world, Diona is building a future where people can get the help they need when and where they need it. See www.diona.com for further information.

Intern specification:
For their Dublin office, Diona seeks
-An Innovation Academy student who is an amphibian, equally at home in two worlds that are often separated: aptitude (and preferably) experience for social work, empathy for people, and a keen interest in the tech world (especially enterprise software).
-Practical experience working in child welfare, with the elderly, or disability services would be an advantage.
-An ability to approach social work from the perspective of a problem solver.
-Interest in analyzing, documenting and improving processes and systems that deliver practical solutions to real-world problems.
-Ability to identify structural problems and solve them through a design solution.