Finding the Innovation Academy

I’m a Biomedical engineering graduate and I’ve just completed my Masters. I first got to know the Innovation Academy when a few friends did an undergraduate fellowship there. I really liked the space and the atmosphere and enjoyed spending time there. I decided to apply for the Fellowship myself and was successful.

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The Innovation Fellowship

Social Entrepreneurship module

“The Innovation Academy team trust you and give you the space to do your own exploring.”

After the Fellowship, I did a Social Entrepreneurship undergraduate module with the UCD Innovation Academy. I’ve been involved with some start-up companies so hearing firsthand from entrepreneurs was incredibly helpful; their honesty about what life is really like as an entrepreneur has stayed with me. In fact, I was so impressed with one of the social enterprises who came to speak with us I decided to volunteer with them.

The experience

The Innovation Academy’s approach to learning is a lot truer to life than your typical university experience.

“Knowing how to work with people, to do team exercises and to interact in a professional setting are skills we need but don’t always learn in university.”

I know some students just want their bullet points and to hand in an essay but programmes at the Innovation Academy are a reality check on what awaits us in the world of work where collaboration is essential. My time at the UCD Innovation Academy made that transition less daunting.

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The experience

UCD Innovation Academy - Undergraduate Experience