Lollie obtained a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and then lectured on Gender and Development at UCD as well as Gender and Subcultures at TCD. Her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to become Director of three limited companies.

Deciding that the Innovation Academy was the perfect home for her rare combination of academic and entrepreneurial skills, Lollie joined our team in 2018. This self-professed educational provocateur fell in love with our organic approach to developing courses with innovation at their heart.

Above all else, Lollie takes great pleasure in seeing her students embrace their full potential. Teaching, understanding, connecting, and inspiring is a symbiotic process. She also relishes working with her incredible colleagues, who she describes as “a smorgasbord of wonderful, innovative, and exciting magic-makers.”

A Dublin Storyslam champion, radio show host and aspiring surfer, Lollie is always up to something interesting.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“The Academy is the perfect home for me as a storyteller, educationalist, and motivator. We have an organic approach to designing the courses that the current innovative climate demands. It is essential that we design the courses to prepare the workforce of the future..”