After working in sales and brand management for the likes of Pepsi, Kellogg’s and Nivea, Fergal struck out on his own. In 2001, he co-founded Open, a fintech company working with big names like Apple, Bank of America, and KPMG. Fergal eventually sold Open to one of Ireland’s largest financial services companies in 2014.

He found out about the Innovation Academy’s plans to nurture rural entrepreneurs throughout Ireland. Being from a farming background himself, Fergal felt called to join us as an Entrepreneurial Specialist.

Fergal loves to cultivate students’ ability to create new products, services, ways of working and business models. He has a particular interest in online learning and takes inspiration from working with budding innovators. His articles on Innovation and Creativity have featured in various business publications.

Beyond the Innovation Academy, Fergal is a board member at ReCreate, a social enterprise that fosters creativity and curiosity among its members. He juggles that with his own innovation consultancy business. He acts as an Innovation Facilitator on Enterprise Ireland’s ‘Go Global 4 Growth’ management development programme. And he is an Adjunct Innovation Lecturer at the Institute of Public Administration.

When he isn’t sowing the seeds of innovation far and wide, Fergal loves visiting galleries and museums and listening to live music. He is a lifelong Liverpool FC fan and a huge Gaelic Athletic Association enthusiast.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“When I read that the Innovation Academy was looking to develop rural entrepreneurs across Ireland, it struck a chord with me. Being from a farming background myself, I felt I could really have an impact here.”