Innovation Academy STEAM Fellowships

The UCD innovation Academy is looking for ten undergraduate students from any discipline to join the Innovation Academy team as STEAM Fellows (STEM + Arts) for a unique group project running as an extra-curricular activity from September 2019 until May 2020.  (Here’s the current UCD Undergraduate Module information.)

In preparation for our 10 year anniversary in 2020 we are looking to assemble a creative and dynamic multi-disciplinary team of UCD students who are interested in telling the story of the UCD Innovation Academy in an innovative, interactive and engaging way.  Combining the latest interactive wall technology with art, music, empathy, research, anthropology and storytelling we plan to build and memorable artistic piece representing the journey and culture of the Innovation Academy to share with our Alumni, as well as current and future students, at our 10 year celebration.

The Shackleton Lounge – The place where all great adventures begin!

We are located in the Shackleton Lounge on the ground floor of the O’Brien Centre for Science. The Shackleton Lounge offers two flexible creative studios and a prototyping laboratory. In addition to these facilities, we have a significant number of resources available including Virtual Reality Headsets, 360 cameras, video making suite, 3-D Printers, Lego Mindstorms & Tetrix, EEG hardware, drones etc.

Our vision for the Shackleton Lounge is to be an always on creative space where students can develop a deep level of expertise in areas of emerging technology and share this learning with their peers, UCD staff and with students taking Innovation Academy Modules.

As well as working on the team project, our Fellows are also welcome to  use the Shackleton Lounge to progress their own projects.  The Shackleton Lounge is a hub for student-led collaborative innovation on the UCD Campus….a place where truly great (Ad)Ventures begin!

STEAM Fellows will be mentored by our educational technologist Jason Dinneen and will be reviewed at various intervals during the project (fellowships will be re-assigned if the fellow is no longer actively involved with the Innovation Academy).

Applications have now closed – here’s the list of current projects that may interest you.

What you will gain?

  1. Experience of working in a dynamic and creative environment with a highly experienced team.
  2. Access to new technologies and autonomy to explore their application.
  3. Opportunities to create and lead a new initiative individually and as part of a team.
  4. Opportunity to build your profile within UCD and beyond in a way that can contribute to your future career prospects.
  5. A stipend of €200 per month from September 2019 to May 2020 as well as a budget for consumables.
  6. Access to the Shackleton Lounge, prototyping lab, kitchen and study space.
  7. New friends!

What do we expect of you?

  1. To understand and respect the values and culture of the Innovation Academy.
  2. To explore and master our resources, identify how they can be utilised to enhance the learning experience and share this with our team.
  3. To help build relationships between the Innovation Academy and student societies and research groups on campus.
  4. To propose new events to encourage wider engagement within the Shackleton Lounge.
  5. To provide a student voice for the Innovation Academy at various events on and off campus.
  6. To have fun!

Who we are looking for:

  1. Current UCD undergraduate students of any discipline.
  2. A curious mindset with a desire to play and experiment.
  3. Initiative – a demonstrated ability to take new ideas from concept to execution.
  4. The social skills necessary to work appropriately in a team environment with shared resources.
  5. Leadership and integrity – willing to be accountable for your own decisions and desire to take responsibility for mentoring others.
  6. A fit with the values of the Innovation Academy (equality of opportunity, respect for diversity).
  7. An interest in creativity and innovation (priority will be given to students who have taken our elective modules or who are registered to do so in 2019/20)

To learn more about the courses that we offer, please visit our Innovation Academy Courses page.