As Operations and Training Director at O’Brien’s Irish Sandwich Bars, Maurice played a part in growing the chain to 282 outlets across 10 countries. But in 2009, in the midst of the financial crisis, his 17-year career with O’Brien’s ended as the company continued with new owners. This was the beginning of a new journey, as Maurice decided to pursue his fascination with the concept of ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset’. He admires scholars like Saras D. Sarasvathy and Heidi Neck, who are trying to work out what makes the most successful entrepreneurs tick.

This pursuit brought Maurice knocking at the Innovation Academy’s door. He took our postgraduate course in Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and once he’d got the bug, he never left! He joined the team, and since then he’s also completed the Creativity and Innovation for Education course.

Maurice’s other experience ranges from working in high-end hotels across four continents to volunteering and fundraising in the charity and social enterprise sector. He’s completed courses in everything from acting to social media marketing. This all adds to the treasure trove of knowledge and experience he shares with students in his role as an educator at the Academy.

Maurice relishes the twinkle that appears in his students’ eyes, as they discover their unique creative and entrepreneurial talents. He loves to build their self-confidence and watch them flourish. He says it’s a pleasure to go to work surrounded by his passionate, dedicated, and creative colleagues. The atmosphere at the Academy breeds curiosity and fires up the whole team to discover new ways of thinking and doing.

Out of hours, Maurice is a keen traveller and has lived and worked for spells in 18 different countries. His mind is always buzzing with ideas, so writing, the performing arts and stimulating conversations are some of his favourite creative outlets. He’s also partial to sharing a bottle of fine wine or tasty food, long walks and a good book.

Why I joined the UCD Innovation Academy…

“The Academy is an incredible community of individuals with a burning desire to make the world a better place. Our energy and curiosity multiply as we bounce off each other. I joined the Academy to be part of this continuous effort towards adventurous innovation.”